Award Winning Picture Book!

Mom’s Choice Awards were announced last week, and two of Dawn Publications’ books won the Gold in the Picture Book category: If You Love Honey: Nature’s Connections and Mighty Mole and Super Soil. The Mom’s Choice Award honors excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. It’s trusted world-wide by teachers and parents.

If You Love Honey: Nature’s Connections

HONEY_COVERHoney is a sweet gift from nature—ALL of nature, actually. Honey is linked in a very real way to dandelions, earthworms, mushrooms, the old oak tree and even the blue jays squawking in its branches.

The author, Martha Sullivan, fell in love with bees as an amateur beekeeper, and then learned to appreciate flowering plants “even ones she once considered weeds” as an important nectar source. She realized how the plants were connected to insects and soil.

A simple but accurate diagram in the back matter explains how bees make honey and also pollinate plants, as well as the role of beneficial insects and decomposers.

Check out the activities in the back of the book and online lesson plans (like the one below). How sweet it is!

Dances with Bees—A Standards-based Lesson Plan

If You Love Honey introduces students to a meadow ecosystem and shows how honeybees are a key part of this ecosystem. Honeybees use a “dance” to communicate the location of a flower patch, a part of the ecosystem that is essential to their survival.

Download a free pdf for complete directions to have students reenact bee dances to experience how bees communicate with one another.